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Madeal Guarantees

The wheels manufactured by Madeal are covered by a warranty against manufacturing faults or defective materials for a period of (1) one year or 30,000 KM, whichever comes first.


1. Submit the purchase invoice of the end user, which must:

  • Comply with legal requirements.
  • Be in the name of the buyer – end user with address and telephone number.
  • Be legible and have no amendments.
  • Specify: brand, vehicle model and mileage traveled.

2. Rims handled incorrectly, intervened, adapted automatically lose the Warranty.

3. The manufacturer's recommendations must be followed for the installation processes, any defect caused by not following said recommendations makes the Warranty invalid.

4. For the process of verification, analysis and response to guarantees, the guidelines defined in the document "Analysis of Customer Returns" will be followed.


Guarantee Exclusions:
  1. Use of wheels with inappropriate dimensions or those specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
  2. Application of loads higher than that specified by the vehicle and/or wheel manufacturer.
  3. Inflate the tire with a higher or lower pressure than that specified by the manufacturer.
  4. Changes in the original condition of the wheel due to alteration or subjection to additional processes.
  5. Abnormal operating or installation conditions (bolt tightening torque or use of bolts other than specified).
  1. Use of tools to tighten the bolts other than those established by the vehicle manufacturer. Use of poorly calibrated impact wrenches.
  2. Wheels whose surfaces have been subjected to polishing processes with abrasive materials.
  3. Wheels that have been subjected to coating application processes.
  4. Wheels that have been subjected to grinding processes.
  5. Wheels mounted on vehicles for which it was not originally designed.